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The Tiniest Revolution

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It’s not huge, but I’m making a go of it.  I might upset the world order, and cats will start sleeping with dogs, and all the colors of the world will shift.  It’s a big risk.

I poured my own tea.

I’m hoping that my host mom is not offended.  And that I don’t upset my household.  But sometimes I just feel bad in the mornings when my host mom gets up specifically to heat up water for my coffee and tea, and put out the butter and cheese with my bread and apricots.  These are things I can do, and she can have a few extra minutes of sleep, too.  When I did this the other day, my host sister, Sevinj went crazy telling me not to, and tried to run downstairs to get the neighbour lady to do it for me.  She’s having a hard time adjusting to seeing me pour my own tea.  Maybe she’ll get used to it.  Remember: here, when the womenfolk are available, its the women who pour the tea.

Like I said, it’s not big, but its a social experiment, a small revolution.  I’ll update you on how this progresses.


Written by Aaron

November 1, 2009 at 11:16 am

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