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I Am Already Saving the World

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Aaron Fixes the SchoolI know that we thought it would take a while for us to get our bearings and make some changes here and generally improve the lives of the people we’re serving.  But, lo, I have already surpassed expectations!  I am fixing our school.

The school we go to is actually relatively nice compared to the schools of some of my fellow trainees, but there are still a few things about Azeri construction that don’t quite fit, such as the ability to create doors that latch and shut.  This was especially a problem when all the students wanted to come in or watch the foreigners.  All of the students.  So I brought out my handy leatherman, carved out some space in the door for the latch, and wha-la: We have a door that shuts and locks!

Serious changes going on here in Azerbaijan…serious changes.


Written by Aaron

November 11, 2009 at 6:29 am

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  1. […] to its smooth-paved state.  This also applies to a lot of other projects.  Waaay back, there was this fix I did in the school.  And we probably shouldn’t delve into the way most teachers conduct […]

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