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I’m Not Usually a Dog Person…

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…but one of my site mates, Rachel, has this awesome pup that hangs out at her place.  She has a house with a large yard, and the dog mainly hangs out in there.  Except when he escorts me home.  It’s happened twice now that my canine friend has walked me home, first when it was pitch dark and it was my first time walking home from Rachel’s house, and second was a few days ago, walking home in the late afternoon.  Apparently, this dog is all about making sure we safely arrive home.  It has walked Hiba home many times, and also Eli at least once.

Though it’s not really a surprise, I’m always impressed by animals that can go reasonably long distances from home and just as easily make it back home without a second thought.  Even though my home is only a 20-25 minute walk from Rachel’s it seems like a long way, and it’s certainly not a path that the dog would choose on it’s own.  I have no doubt that our furry pal could go a lot farther from Rachel’s and make it back without a hitch.  I’m not usually a dog person, but there are some exceptions, and this guy is most certainly one of them.


Written by Aaron

December 28, 2009 at 1:17 pm

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