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Coming to You From the Internet Desk

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Work at the credit union has slowed to a caterpillar’s pace.  One of the recent developments is that I get to sit at the internet desk, fully equipped with a 256k DSL connection, which allows me to post and check emails and do other frivolous things on a daily basis.  Once guys at work saw that I had the business card of the Director of the Azerbaijan Credit Union Association, they started insisting that I sit at the internet desk.  This change has now resulted in quite a bit less work on the data entry for moving their records to electronic format.

What’s been helping even less on the electronic records front is that they’ve been “forgetting” the accounting book.  That’s less good.  I have some ideas as to why this is, but I’m going to wait to share that theory for a few days until it’s confirmed.


Written by Aaron

January 26, 2010 at 6:04 am

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