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Warning! There’s a TV Commercial Coming Your Way!

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For those of you who have turned on your television lately, you might be familiar with the concept of advertisements, commercials.  For those of you who have turned on your Azerbaijani television lately, you are familiar with the concept, and then some!  Maybe it’s a function of boredom, or my disinterest in most television, or my hiatus from television last year.  In any case, I’ve not only noticed the commercials here, but also that they have commercials for commercials.  What purpose does this serve?

The Azerbaijani word for commercial is reklam.  And for some reason, Azerbaijani television features a brief spot announcing the arrival of the reklam.  Is that necessary?  What would happen if we weren’t warned ahead of time by a cartoon alien figure squeaking reklam! before it actually arrived?  Myself, I prefer the more subtle, less annoying fade-to-black.


Written by Aaron

January 29, 2010 at 6:25 am

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