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Bittersweet News?

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To me, it’s mostly sweet news.  But I can’t fully enjoy the fact that the host grandmother and host sister, first mentioned here, are moving out.  It turns out that they’ve figured out what Nərmin’s school situation will be like in Baku and they are ready to rejoin the family up there.  They are leaving as quickly as they came!

This bit of news has two basic meanings for me.  First, I no longer will have to endure the overmothering harassment brought on by host grandma.  While it wasn’t terrible, it was still bothersome and annoying.  If ever I felt irked, it was when she would talk to me and then when she realized I wasn’t listening had to pet my knee for a few moments to get attention.  I described it pretty well here.  The bitter part of the news is that since Nərmin is leaving, we will no longer get to enjoy her phenomenal pizza.  We might have to make her prepare it tomorrow night, before she ships out.

All in all, I’m totally okay with this change of the arrangement.  I will get the electric heater back in my room and there will be a lot less stress in the household.  We’ll be back to three, and things will settle back down for the next 2 months.


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February 2, 2010 at 7:03 am

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