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Who’s Unemployed? Not This Guy

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And by “not this guy”, I mean my host brother.  Despite grim reports of unemployment rates in Azerbaijan and the world, Miri managed to defy all of the statistics, nabbing a job at a local hotel.  It’s the Qala Ötel (Gala Hotel), in the center of town.  He’ll be working the reception desk 48 hours per week (one night shift).  His english-speaking skills certainly helped him land the job, and it could be good for him.  He’ll have a lot of time to read and reflect.

The hotel itself is rather nice.  It’s the hotel where our program managers and other Peace Corps staff stay when they come to visit.  It’s a good-looking place, with a more Western feel, and it’s actually a business I’ve been thinking of trying to help out with my Peace Corps ways.  While they have some great facilities, they could really turn it into a destination hotel for conferences, retreats, and more.  We just need to get them advertising that way.  And we could probably also help them give to the community more.  There are certainly opportunities for their facilities to be used by the locals for things like swimming classes or other activities.  As I slowly work my way up to it, we’ll see if we can’t turn this hotel from a sleepy dormitory (that looks nice and shiny) into a community asset.


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February 2, 2010 at 7:12 am

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