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A Note About Television’s Ubiquity

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Yesterday featured a reinforcement of something we’ve all realized already, just highlighting it.  I spent the day at home, reading and generally recovering from my Baku escapade.  Host mom left to go to a funeral of a family friend, and Miri was working at the hotel, so I was home alone (gasp).  It was a very quiet day, and I managed to commit enough reading time to actually start and finish a book.  When host mom came home, she asked me how I was.  The relevant part of the conversation went like this:

HM: Have you been bored? Did you watch television?

Me: No, I’m not bored.  I’m reading.

HM: Did you know how to turn on the television?  You weren’t bored?

Me: No, I’m not bored.  I know how to turn on the television.  I’ve been reading. I’m not bored.

HM: Huh.

In fact, it is the case that you don’t necessarily need to have the TV on to ward off the claws of boredom.  I think Azerbaijan could use a Turn Off Your TV Week.  Is that sadistic?  I may have just wished boredom on an entire nation.


Written by Aaron

February 10, 2010 at 6:48 am

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