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The Best Movie in the World is in My House

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Miri came home from work yesterday with a prize in his hands: Avatar.  The new movie, featuring the best digital effects ever and a commitment to making me feel as though I was a pale shade of blue, slightly taller, and cat-looking, was a hit with the host brother.  Unfortunately, it was in Russian.  That being the case, I did not really get to feel blue, taller, and cat-like.  Instead I picked up watching it nearer the end and witnessed the epic battle between the leader of the futuristic militarists and a couple of blue tribalists.  And I picked up that there was a love story woven in there, too.

In any case, it seems to me that this episode again reflects the impressive efficiency with which the DVD pirates work.  I’ve already seen how Miri managed to pull in nine Madonna albums on one CD for a buck.  He also got three other movies on this DVD with Avatar.  And there’s no way it’s a sanctioned copy.

The other thing going on was the promised 3-D effects.  That didn’t really happen here, either.  I’ll let you know when we acquire a 3-D television to make that a reality.


Written by Aaron

February 10, 2010 at 6:53 am

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