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Host Bro’s Got a New Gig

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Another week, another job.  The way my host brother job-hops, you’d think unemployment was at all-time lows and that business is booming.  Don’t kid yourself.  Last week, Miri decided that he wasn’t interested in keeping his job as a hotel receptionist.  He left the Qala Hotel.  On Sunday or Monday, he went to the TV station to ask them if they would take him back.  Apparently he worked there editing scripts and writing for programs for seven or eight months, while studying at college.  And guess what?  Miri yet again showed his job-search prowess by snagging a job in no time at all.  He worked one more day last week at the hotel, and then moved his bags over to Cənub (Southern) TV.

So now he’s got a job editing and writing scripts for programs at the TV station, they’re paying him a bit more, and he’s also learning about directing programs.  Apparently this job pays more than the hotel job, closer to 250 AZN per month, up from 200, and he has some prospects for getting raises as they train him on the directing piece.  Maybe one day he’ll make his own movie or TV show!  And then he can have Eli and me make cameo appearances.  That would be the capstone to any Peace Corps service, huh?


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February 22, 2010 at 10:31 am

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