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Time to Expand Your Horizons

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I’ve got those blogs listed over to the right so that you can read about a variety of experiences.  It is absolutely the case that every Peace Corps Volunteer’s experience is different here.  So not only can you read about other experiences, but you should read about other experiences.  A few of my Azerbaijani friends particularly enjoy Bailey’s blog (her reviews of Turkish TV programs is particularly astute).  For those of you looking for it, it’s no longer listed as I’m Not From Around Here, but instead I Can See Russia From My House.  It’s rather apt.

I’ve pointed out Tim’s blog before, a photoblog.  Unfortunately, at the time I noted it, he decided not to update it for two months.  He’s finally put up some more pictures, so he’s listed over there as Beautiful Azerbaijan.  Maybe if we keep pestering him, he’ll keep it up this time.

Euronews and Trend News Agency have also been added to the roll.  I found AZ Cookbook a while ago.  She’s an Azerbaijani who lives in California and now has a brilliant website that includes excellent Azerbaijani and non-Azerbaijani recipes.  And I also found a website for the US-Educated Azerbaijan Alumni Association.  They’re a neat group of folks who studied in America, particularly with programs like FLEX, UGRAD, and Muskie.  There are other programs involved, too.  People from that group have already helped me out quite a bit with finding resources and cool people to talk with.  For example, their group has an auditorium in Baku that we’ll be using for our Writing Olympics Awards Ceremony, of which I’ll discuss a bit more soon.


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March 15, 2010 at 12:58 pm

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