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Competition, Post-Soviet Style

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There are some things that post-Soviet countries are great at, and compete fiercely for, like least happy populace and coolest Olympic uniforms.  It turns out that that’s not all!  You would think that going to the “Flag” entry in Wikipedia would be a rather mundane adventure, yet that entry is chock-full of intense rivalry and interesting tidbits.  It turns out that Azerbaijan is currently aiming for the title of world’s tallest flagpole at 162 meters.  That’s my miniaturized version over the on the left, off the Boulevard in Baku, near the navy installment in the Caspian.  It’s going to be freestanding, too.  With that it mind, it beats out both North Korea’s tallest flag structure in the world and Turkmenistan’s tallest freestanding flagpole.  The most recent report on the status of our phenomenal flagpole can be read here.  This is exactly the kind of competitive spirit and friendly rivalry post-Soviet countries need in order to drag themselves out of the doldrums of post-Soviet dregs.


Written by Aaron

April 16, 2010 at 4:16 pm

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  1. […] I’ve already told you about the tallest flagpole in the world, residing right here in Azerbaijan.  And now they’ve pulled out all the stops as the […]

  2. […] folks, Kim and Nina, have contributed a small gallery of photos for you, the monster flag and the world’s biggest flag pole, in all their glory.  We’ve got some good angles here.  Soon, there might be a good […]

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