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Did you see how I used the acronym FLEX in the title there?  Creative, huh?  Well, this post has little to do with flexibility, but everything to do with FLEX.  I’ve talked about the FLEX program here before, a program for high school students, administered by American Councils in post-Soviet countries to send students to America to study for a school year.  We finally got some results!  It turns out that we’ve got two representatives heading to the Promised Land from Lənkəran.  While there were certainly more hopefuls (we had quite a few that we thought were more than qualified), we are happy to see two of our Lankaranians heading to America.  In fact, a few of us Americans might be jealous that they get to go while we get to stay here.  Don Lu, in charge of the US Embassy here in Azerbaijan welcomed the 42 students to their academic adventure in the land of milk and honey:

“I envy you because you are about to begin your adventure – living with an American family, discovering America not from movies or books, but by making friends in this strange, new world.”

Interestingly, that sounds a lot like the way he welcomed us as PCVs to Azerbaijan…


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April 26, 2010 at 8:34 am

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