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Time for Some Information By Other Means

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Another boon to my experience that was going to Tbilisi was that I met a couple of cool cats who have a blog called Politics by Other Means.  What this means to you is that you have another source to go to for some experiences here in the Caucasus, as well as access to their commentary on a variety of worldly issues.

Evan is a Fulbright scholar here in Azerbaijan, based in Baku.  He’s been here just under a year, and also plays with the Baku Evil Eyes ultimate frisbee team.  Jon is currently finishing his Masters studies in Logistics at the London School of Economics.  Both of them studied in Turkey for a time during their undergraduate years, and have since taken an interest in the history and politics of the region.  They both speak Turkish, which also helped them a lot here.

Currently on the blog, they have an excellent post about what they did here in Azerbaijan while Jon was visiting, and Evan has a great piece about the recent development of Baku here.  A taste:

The Azeri government draws much of the inspiration for their glittering tourist destination dreams from the Emiratis–pioneers in the art of building monuments to culture and progress without actually achieving either.

I’ll put this link right there underneath the Other Neat Sites category.


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May 6, 2010 at 10:04 am

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