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Lənkəran vs. Biləsuvar Softball Pictures!

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I usually defer to other folks for putting up pictures.  In this case, you get a treat.  These are pictures from my own camera showcasing our Lənkəran softball team taking on Biləsuvar in the Caspian League.  Notice that we have much better jerseys.  And that it seems highly appropriate that our little league jerseys feature a “Tony’s Pizza & Pasta” sponsoring a New York baseball team.  I’m sure Tony had no idea that his Mets would make it all the way to Lənkəran, Azərbaycan.

The pre-game pep talk, by Eli.  Followed by raucous cheering!

That’s Elnur, manning the sideline.  He’s one of our vintage player-coaches.

This kid joined the team just two days before.  Already a star.

You can see here that our players are finally getting a handle on stepping on the base.  That’s key.

Sportsmanship.  Another leadership lesson in the making.

So there it is.  I resisted the vain temptation to just post pictures of myself playing with the team, showing off my baseball skills.  Next game sounds like it will be at the end of May!


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May 15, 2010 at 1:40 pm

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