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The Future of the Writing Olympics

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It’s in your hands, folks.  We’re looking to take the Writing Olympics to a whole new level.  You’ve read about our successes so far, here, here, and here, as we’ve spread out over the country to give Azerbaijani students an outlet for creativity and expression, a platform on which to showcase their English-writing skills.  But we want to do more for these kids who have shown us their skills and potential.  It’s an opportunity to put the Writing Olympics in the national spotlight, encourage development through healthy competition, and reward these students for their hard work.  We’re planning a Writing Olympics National Award Ceremony, to be held in Baku.

Inviting all of the award winners, we’ll be recognizing the students with books, dictionaries, certificates, and more.  Their families are invited, and we’ll provide tea and light refreshments.  We’re also inviting speakers from Peace Corps, AccessBank, and the US-Educated Azerbaijani Alumni Association.  And herein lies the rub:  it costs money.  We’re asking for your help to put all of this together.  Your money goes to helping us pay for the awards and ceremony expenses, including tea, refreshments, programs, and essay booklets.  With everything included, we’re estimating that the cost will be about $1000.  If you can help us reach our goal amount, we’ll be able to make Writing Olympics even bigger next year, expanding access to more students, improving our prizes for top-winners, and making the competition more prestigious.  The end result is an expanded arena for Azerbaijani students to express themselves, a much-needed opportunity for creative expression, and stronger incentives for kids to work hard in school.

If these are ideas you are interested in encouraging, donate to our cause.  This will be the first major award ceremony in a few years, and you can help us make it happen.  Thanks in advance for your contributions!


Written by Aaron

May 17, 2010 at 9:56 am

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