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There Are Pirates Here

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Well, not the exciting pirates, like these guys.  Recently, Information Is Beautiful put up this map, showing that everyone is the best at something (note the USA’s claim fame).  On the map, they don’t list Azerbaijan specifically, but with a little research, I have come to find out that Azerbaijan is one of the best at computer piracy.  This is great news since now, as Information is Beautiful notes, Azerbaijan can claim to be the best at something.  From the Economist (2007):

In Azerbaijan, which comes out on top, computers are loaded with $262-worth of pirated software on average.

That beats out the likes of top-flight competitors such as Iceland, Ukraine, Botswana, and Russia.  Nice job, guys.  It isn’t really much of a surprise, though.  I’ve noted before the rampant copyright infringement activities around here.  Now I’m off to buy a 9-album Beatles CD for a dollar.


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May 24, 2010 at 12:33 pm

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