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You’ll Be Interested In These Dairy Products

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One of the best parts of living in Lənkəran is the dairy products.  That’s sort of a weird statement, but coming from Wisconsin, I have a keen appreciation for the way dairy products can make life better.  Right now, there are three fairly amazing products on offer:

1. Kokteyls (like ‘cocktails’) – You get these at a stand in the center of town, right outside Heydər Əliyev Park.  The kokteyl name is a little misleading for a lot of us because there’s no alcohol involved.  And quite frankly, it’s so good you don’t need any.  The kokteyl is a thin milkshake with an understated fruit flavoring.  It’s smooth going down, and usually leads to a second helping.  Distinctive about the kokteyl is that they come in tall glasses, and you drink them down while standing right outside the window.  That’s all part of the experience.  These kokteyls are even mentioned in the Lenkoran WikiTravel article.

2. PalDad – PalDad is a new company, founded by the guy who started PalSüd.  PalDad is the ice cream arm of the company.  And somehow they managed to get ice cream right.  My personal favorite is a selection of drumstick-type cones, boasting four flavors: chocolate, caramel, strawberry, and pistachio.  I’ve had them all, many times over, and they are totally worth every qəpik. And now, at least in the southern regions, you can find PalDad coolers at almost every shop.  I haven’t seen as strong a presence in Baku, probably since PalDad is a Lənkəran-based company, and Baku and more easily import other products.  Here are some commercials that have recently come out for PalDad: Palegria and BuzzzThis is the one for the drumstick ice creams (she’s eating a caramel-flavored one), my favorite.

3. Soft Serve – Next to the kokteyl stand is the recently-begun soft serve machine.  They just opened it up a few weeks ago, and I’ve been impressed.  You get a small cone with a chocolate-vanilla twist of soft serve, and the flavor is great.  This is not something I was expecting, but at just 20 qəpik, I’m usually tempted to give it a go, even if I don’t need more ice cream.

All three of these are things I’m regularly partaking in these days.  It’s cheap and delicious and unhealthy, so it makes me feel better, too.  One thing we’ve noticed, however, is that often ice cream is relegated to the more youthful part of the population.  I haven’t seen older people eating ice cream or drinking kokteyls.  That sounds like a market that could really be tapped into.


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June 3, 2010 at 2:49 am

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