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Hillary Also Met With PCVs

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You obviously haven’t heard enough about Hillary’s trip to Azerbaijan yet.  No, instead, I will bring you even more.  In this case, it turns out Hillary was meeting with Peace Corps Volunteers and their softball team!  The team from Biləsuvar, which we Lənkəranlılar played against a few months ago, got to go to Baku and hand our favorite Secretary of State a neon-yellow autographed softball.  She will cherish it.  Perhaps if our team hadn’t fallen apart, we could have gone, too.  C’est la vie.

In any case, you can follow this lovely link to see a picture of the Biləsuvar team with Hill, and see our PCV buddies, Mathias Jackson and James Wrocklage.  The article also discusses Hillary’s meeting with local youth and new media entrepreneurs in Azerbaijan.  Free that media.


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July 5, 2010 at 10:49 am

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