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The President’s Got a New Website

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A friend of the blog has this to say about a recent article from News.Az:

I must admit they’ve finally published an article that’s actually thorough.

Fair enough.  News.Az, despite the grammatical and lexical issues, has issued a thorough article describing the President of Azerbaijan’s revamped, high-powered, smooth-as-silk website showcasing the wonders of the Azerbaijan Presidency.  Not one to believe Azerbaijani news sources, I checked out the website myself.  Links work.  Pictures flash as you scroll over them.  Obligatory links to a Twitter feed, a YouTube channel, and an RSS feed are provided.  And as you scroll down you can find various news and recent events concerning our favorite current President of Azerbaijan.  It’s a feat of technological skill I had not thought possible in Azerbaijan.

And then you go to the website of the White House (that’s whitehouse.gov).  It’s good to see that Azerbaijan is following a good example.  Perusing the Obama’s site and Ilham’s, you may get a little confused about who’s is who’s.  I guess if a theme works, you might as well stick with it.  Now Obama could learn a bit from Ilham about how to keep approval ratings where they should be.

A few fun things about Ilham’s site new site:

The RSS Feed: Ilham is a professional ribbon-cutter.  I’m fairly certain a large percentage of his RSS feed is going to feature ribbon-cutting events and visits to parks dedicated to his father.

Documents Tab: The Documents category is just for show if you’re looking at it in English.  I’m curious to see if that ever goes live.

Send a Letter to the President: Apparently you can send a letter to the president via his website.  I’m curious as to who will read these letters.  Or if they get read at all.  It’s one thing in America where there’s at least been a culture of calling your representative or sending a letter to congress (albeit a very small minority of people).  Yet, Azerbaijan is aplace where people don’t say anything to their government.  They just assume it’s supposed to do stuff, and when it doesn’t do stuff, they continue to sit around.  Time to start a letter-writing campaign!


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July 6, 2010 at 4:56 pm

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