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I had thought that hopes for fixing the main road in Lənkəran were folly.  I wrote about the gas line they’ve put in, down the middle of Həydər Prospekti, a while ago.  Long enough to make me think that the road would never be fixed, cars would be relegated to driving on half of the road for the foreseeable future, and there would be basically a pile of rubbish covering up the route taken by the gas line for the rest of my days here.  Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to see today that there was a steamroller and a truck pouring asphalt down the road!  They were smoothing over the rubbish to make the entire road passable again!  And it looked like they were doing a decent job.  I don’t want to raise expectations too much, but I think at this pace, the way could be paved within a few weeks.  This is development, people.  Development.


Written by Aaron

August 7, 2010 at 2:02 pm

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