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Azerbaijan is a Little Red Pixel on the Map of Virus-Attacked Countries

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In yet another set of ratings, Azerbaijan has again edged up to claim infamy.  (Unrelated: I would just like to note that July and August seem like incredibly “ratings”-heavy months, there’s a lot of these going around lately.)  In this case, one of the premier providers of anti-virus software, AVG, has put together some of their own data on where you ought to be careful using computers.  They took a look at virus attacks in various countries, ranking them by how likely you are to get virtually assaulted in the world wide webs:

Internet users in Turkey, Russia, the Caucasus and South-east Asia for example show disproportionately higher rates of being attacked than the global average of 1 in 73.

There are a number of reasons for this. Some of it may be down to a tendency to access semi-legal or illegal download sites, while some of it probably is down to being less cautious when it comes to sharing links and files online. Another factor is the popularity of Internet cafes and people generally sharing computers, but even in these countries, a minority of users account for a large proportion of attacks.

I don’t doubt it.  People around here aren’t very careful.  It’s nearly guaranteed that if I give my flash drive to someone to use on their computer, it’ll have viruses on it faster than you can say, “Save me, Norton!” My guess is that it has a lot to do with the chat room websites a lot of teens go to, and the quantity of porn a lot of people download onto their computers and cellphones.  And the idea of updating your anti-virus software probably doesn’t come up very often.  I would also like to note that Azerbaijan has yet again fallen behind Russia in this.  First, Russia was more corrupt in civil society.  Now Russia is more corrupt in virtual society.  They just never give up, do they?


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August 27, 2010 at 4:58 pm

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