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A Return to the Internet, In Brief

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In brief, there apparently is no quick way to get set with internet in your home in Azerbaijan.  It’s been a roller coaster here, getting back to the webs regularly.  Since I didn’t really had the convenience of internet at home recently, the motivation for getting a blog post or two up hadn’t materialized.  Now that it’s up and running, it’s nice to be back.

Not that these details are really of much interest to you, but I’ll share anyways.  Last week, I wanted to make sure this internet thing worked out.  That involved going to the post office to make sure my phone bill was paid, otherwise they would shut off the phone line (needed for DSL).  I paid the 3.60 AZN bill, which I’ll give to the landlord.  Then I went to the bazaar, bought a cheap phone for 6 AZN and tried it at home.  This involved stripping the wires of a phone cord and wrapping them around the stripped wires of the phone line coming into the house.  Phone jacks are apparently too much of a hassle for Azerbaijan; let’s just wrap up open wires. Unfortunately, my attempt to ward off bad spirits by paying the bill didn’t work.  The line was shot and I waited two days for the guy to come to fix the line.

The phone fix-it man arrived, wheezing a bit as he ambled up the alleyway amidst the garbage that didn’t quite make it to the large, unmissable bin, and the set of dogs that patrol the back yard.  He was wheezing as he suddenly pulled out a phoneline from my floor, pulled out his small black purse, doubling as a toolbox, and proceded to test the line.  His tool box consisted of a wire cutters, screwdriver, and a rigged-up rotary-style phone that had the dialer attached right to the receiver and two alligator-clipped wires coming out of it.  After a bit, he tooled around and said he’d be back the next day.  He didn’t come back the next day.  He showed up two days later, told me to put my phone receiver off the hook and disappeared.  He came back 20 minutes later and the phone line worked.  No idea what happened there.  Needless to say, this delayed my internet arrival by a few days.

The last guy involved was İlkin.  He’s from AvirTel, the company with available ports for me to tap into for internet.  He couldn’t come the day my phone got fixed, which was understandable.  He promised the next day.  I double- and triple-checked with him the day of.  He said Tuesday evening.  I said great.  Tuesday evening rolled through, with multiple calls to İlkin, and he did not show up.  During one call to him that night, I discovered he was at a raucous wedding party.  That did not bode well for getting him to give me the internet.  I gave up that night.

Which leads us to tonight.  One glitch occurred when my modem didn’t work.  İlkin disappeared with it, did a little programming thing, and hooked it in.  Here I am, returned from the internet doldrums.  And my giddiness at having internet at my fingers before bed and when waking up is nearly overwhelming.


Written by Aaron

September 22, 2010 at 6:57 pm

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