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More Diplomatic Delays

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The Wall Street Journal has a short editorial about what’s going on in the Senate these days, regarding our good friends in the diplomatic corps.  Apparently there are a few senators who aren’t so high on our Turkic-speaking comrades.  Not only the nominee for Azerbaijan is on hold now, but so is the nominee for Turkey.  If you ask an Azeri, thats just like holding up another ambassador to Azerbaijan (the pan-Turkic movement here was pretty strong…I’m not sure if the Turks are actually on board here).  From the editorial:

The Senate’s confirmation powers aren’t supposed to be an excuse to indulge the pet causes of individual Members. Azerbaijan and Turkey are important American allies in a tough neighborhood, and the U.S. needs good ambassadors there. The previous ambassador in Ankara, James Jeffrey, left for Iraq in July. The embassy in Baku has been without an ambassador since July 2009… The limbo these diplomats find themselves in may help Ms. Boxer’s campaign or make Mr. Brownback feel good, but it undermines the executive’s ability to function and American foreign policy.

I don’t usually get on board with Wall Street Journal editorials, but I can attest to this.  I can’t say that Azerbaijanis, especially those outside Baku, are the most informed of people; yet, it’s not an exaggeration to say that most Azeris know about the Armenian lobby and the effect it has on the Senate regarding anything having to do with Azerbaijan.  They may not really understand what’s going on, but they see enough to be able to blame both Armenia and the US in this situation.  And Azerbaijan is just the type of country to be easily offended when they feel like they aren’t treated like VIPs (whether they deserve it or not).  So not only are Azeri officials offended at their treatment by the American government, but so are the Azeri people.


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October 6, 2010 at 12:55 pm

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