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“No Precipitation Expected Azerbaijan at the Upcoming Week-end”

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You may be able to conclude from that headline that we’ve been having a lot of precipitation lately in Azerbaijan.  Last week, while in Gəncə and Mingəcevir, we had some nice days and some cloudy days, with a few spots of rain.  Then I returned to Lənkəran.  We’re talking about endless hours of rain.  Flooded streets, flooded ditches, lots of water.  It’s the rainy season.

I’m looking forward to this break in the rain that the headline predicts.  While it’s been rainy across the country, we’ve been making the news recently in Lənkəran.  Though, from that last article, I’m not sure if this rain is torrential, so much as it is long and steady.  It really just gets to be annoying because drainage around here is non-existent.  Some other PCVs have reported not being able to leave their homes because the rains flooded the roads, and that’s almost certainly because there are no effective drainage systems around.  On the bright side, everything is green again, as we’ve shaken off the hot, dry summer!


Written by Aaron

October 8, 2010 at 5:58 am

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