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It’s a Day for Voting!

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It’s a day for voting, but not here in Azerbaijan.  That happens next week.  I’m talking about November 2nd, the USA’s voting day.  We’re in the middle of the voting day right now, and I don’t have any exit polls or projections to obsessively sift through yet, so I’m writing a blog post.  I’m pulling for my fellow Wisconsinites to get out the vote (your voting information is here!)  I’ve got my Wisconsin favorites in the races, but the biggest deal is to get more people voting.  While I know the situation is light years better in Wisconsin than in Lənkəran, nobody wants to have likely voter totals around 40% of eligible voters.  That’s disappointing, folks. (Note that the link estimates higher-than-average likely voter totals for Wisconsin–good work, comrades!)

Before I came to Azerbaijan, I felt pretty great about enjoying the freedoms of America and voting and other stuff.  However, my experience here just further reinforces how great it is to be a part of a society where voting is valued, where people openly discuss political issues, and where elections have some sort of uncertainty surrounding them.  That doesn’t really exist here.  I don’t think I can spin this information well enough to get you (Americans in America) out to go vote, but just know that after living anywhere for a while where things like demands of the people and voting are generally ignored, you learn to appreciate such things even more.


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November 2, 2010 at 7:03 pm

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