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New Resolutions, New Positions; Both Good for the Environment

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My intrepid sitemate, Eli, stumbled upon a youth environmental conference in Baku.  The conference looks like serious business, with a number of different organizations, countries, and experts involved:

Organized with the support of ministries of Youth and Sports and Ecology and Natural Resources, National Academy of Sciences and UNICEF, the conference is part of a series of events marking the Year of Environment in Azerbaijan

The conference brought together environmental experts, students, representatives of NGOs from the USA, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Russia, Tajikistan and Turkey.

The aim of the conference is to involve young scientists, businessmen, public institutions and media outlets in protecting environment.

Eli, being interested in both youth development and cleaning up the environment, signed up to go.  And boy, did he go!  Not only did they put him up in a fancy hotel, and provide phenomenal translation services, but he also had the opportunity to meet various ministers and UNICEF folks and many more.  AND he was part of the new resolution that was passed regarding cooperation amongst the attendants to clean up Baku and Azerbaijan:

The resolution covers joint solutions to environmental problems and calls for close cooperation between government bodies and non-governmental organizations on environmental issues. It calls on scientific institutes, businesses and society in general to be  more active on the environment.

And so it goes.  But the best part is still coming!  Eli has a new position!  Congratulations, Eli:

(Apparently the folks on the panel decided to surprise Eli and make him a panelist, himself, an expert on ‘Ekology’ from the USA.  Eli handled it well.)


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November 12, 2010 at 5:45 pm

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