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It’s Pomegranate Festival Time

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For the nar lovers among us, it’s time for the festival celebrating the luscious fruit.  Göyçay, where the festival is being held, is known around Azerbaijan for having all types of pomegranate.  I can say that regardless of which region it comes from, Azerbaijani pomegranate is a delectable indulgence that I gorge upon.  News.Az informs us:

Though pomegranate is planted in Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkey, Uzbekistan, United States and Latin America, Goychay is the only country where all sorts of pomegranates are planted. The world market has a great demand for pomegranate. In addition to the medical features of the pomegranates, it should be noted that the pomegranate is considered a heavenly fruit since its name is indicated in Holy Koran.

There you have it.  It’s holy, it’s international, it’s delicious; it’s pomegranate!  Today.Az also tells us today that ‘About 40 foreigners are attending the festival.’  A nice estimate, which happens to include a bunch of PCVs.  Katie has pictures of her time at the festival.  Check it out!


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November 13, 2010 at 1:46 pm

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  1. […] wasn’t kidding a few weeks ago when I said that there was a big festival to celebrate all that is wonderful about pomegranate.  And it looks […]

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