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Beautiful Socks, Beautiful Mountains

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This blog is turning out to be a good way to share my thoughts about my experience in Azerbaijan.  It provides one little, tiny window into Azerbaijan.  Yet, there is a lot more to share!  I’ve written before about these links, but failed to post them on the list of awesome sites over there on the right.  The first is a small business here in Lənkəran that is essentially run by a Talysh  woman who knits beautiful socks, a man at the bazaar who serves as the business manager, and a Peace Corps Volunteer.   The second is a community-based tourism project that has started in Lerik here in the south and Qusar in the north.

The Talysh Sock business started a few years ago and has grown with their creation of the website (online payment and shipping options!)  The sock-knitter and our man from the bazaar each make a little profit from the business, and the extra money goes towards funding community projects in the Lənkəran area.  This past year, some of that money went towards funding prep camps for students applying to study in America.

The community-based tourism project, CBT Azerbaijan, is a business that is geared towards helping families in the regions and giving tourists or people working here an opportunity to explore Azerbaijan in a way they otherwise wouldn’t get a chance to.  The project was started by a Peace Corps Volunteer up in Lerik with one of the local English teachers who is managing the project.  Homestays are arranged and visitors can help with baking bread or take hikes deep into the mountains or ride horses along the grassy mountain ridges.  There are wonderful spots both in the Talysh Mountains here in the south and in the Greater Caucasus up in the north.  Both areas are gorgeous.

So that’s the shameless plug.  Click on over and see what’s going on.  (And those Talysh Socks might make a great Christmas gift for those of you who can’t think of the perfect gift!)


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December 4, 2010 at 8:08 pm

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