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Azerbaijan’s Eurovision Finalists

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I was going to write up a brief post on the chosen representatives of Azerbaijan for the Eurovision Song Contest, but found another commentary much more enjoyable than mine would be (see below).  Last week, the five finalists competed for the opportunity to represent Azerbaijan in Eurovision, and I gave my thoughts here.  Our performers whittled themselves down to a dynamic duo of youth and sex appeal, Eldar Qasımov, a seemingly Peter Pan-like teen-aged boy, paired with Nigar Camal, the frilly skirt I referred to earlier who is going to carry the heterosexual male vote.  They aren’t necessarily my first pick for Azerbaijan (I think İlqarə would have been the best solo choice), yet it’ll be interesting to see where things go.  The song choices they feature for the international competition will be out soon.  Until then, we can only speculate and appreciate Scary Azeri’s perspective on the “Sinner and Saint” duo.  I think she is much more qualified to comment here than I am:

So here we are, back to Eurovision again. Can’t wait to see the unlikely pair on the stage.  I would imagine they would do really well. Personally, I would suggest a seduction of a virgin boy scenario. The duet could be called The Sinner & The Saint. An innocent young boy, probably gay but still refusing to admit it even to himself, gets seduced by an older, experienced sexy lady. Add some drip-drop of tears, some semi-naked dancers, votes based on political and geographic location and some expensive world-known choreographers and we might stand a good chance. Again.


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February 19, 2011 at 1:36 pm

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