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Azerbaijan Goes Lights Out, Gives Excellent Blog Post Lead-in

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It’s been lights out here at the blog desk for about 10 days now.  Amidst all sorts of distractions, the Novruz holiday, a short trip to Baku, a post-Baku illness and recovery, a wave of visitors to the shores of Lənkəran during the holiday vacation, and a Lənkəran-foothills hiking trip (pictures to come), it’s been a nice break from blog maintenance.  But that also means there’s more to write about.  Azerbaijan isn’t the biggest of headline makers, but there are always new events and developments to find.

As I turn the lights back on here at the blog, it coincides with Azerbaijan turning the lights back on for Earth Hour.  This evening, March 26, at 8:30pm, Azerbaijan joined the World Wildlife Fund in celebrating Earth Hour by turning off lights for one hour.  Check out the Earth Hour Azerbaijan website for even more fun.  I’m not sure which other cities joined in these dimmed festivities, but the İrəli Public Union organized the event in Baku, even turning off the lights at the Maiden Tower, a quintessential historical symbol of Baku:

Azerbaijan will join the movement in 2011 for the first time. “IRELI” Public Union is in charge of organizing the event in the country. Coordinator of Earth Hour in Azerbaijan and General Secretary of “IRELI” Public Union Rauf Merdiyev notes: “IRELI’s main purpose in joining the international campaigns and projects is to show that we are not indifferent about the ongoing processes in the world and to strengthen positive image of Azerbaijani youth.”

Earth Hour will be held in several cities of Azerbaijan and no doubt, the biggest campaign will be in Baku. The event will start at 17:00, 26 March in IRELI Youth Center and will consist of several parts. After training, city game, and ecological campaigns, the participants will gather around Maiden Tower and the lights of Baku’s symbol will be switched off for an hour in a sign to preserve the nature.

Even Azerbaijani youth are aware of the threat of global climate change!  I can’t say that this is a majority view here, or that many of the youth I meet actually think about global climate change at all, but it’s nice to see someone doing something to raise awareness.  I’m doubtful that such an event happened in Lənkəran (if anyone knows of such an event in Lənkəran, let me know) as I don’t think we don’t have a significant building to unplug.  Probably not smart to turn off the lighthouse tower by the train station.  I’m not really sure what they did in Sumqayıt, Sabirabad, Gəncə, or Lahıc, either (do they even have electricity in Lahıc?!)

You can also check out the lights out YouTube video made by the folks from İrəli.


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March 26, 2011 at 5:32 pm

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  1. The lights off button waits to be pressed which will switch off the illuminations on the Eiffel Tower for Earth Hour on March 28th 2009 Paris France.Within hours people in a record 134 countries and territories across the globe will switch off their lights for an hour in a unified show of support for action towards a sustainable future for our planet including Lebanon.. Burg Khalifa in Dubai has around half a million lights!.Hundreds of landmarks in thousands of cities will go dark at 8 30pm Saturday local time as hundreds of millions of people take part in the world s largest voluntary action for the environment.

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    April 1, 2011 at 3:31 pm

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