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Aaron Will Not Be In Azerbaijan

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For a short time, that is. I’m taking a short vacation to beautiful Indonesia to visit my friend Eric, who is there doing a project through his Master’s degree program. I’ll be skipping across a few islands in the non-post-Soviet territory, and eating superhuman amounts of peanut sauce-drenched dishes. What does this mean for the blog?! It means that I’ll probably still post a few times, though my posting will slow a little.

But fear not! In my stead, Mason, our Lerik-and-Lankaran PCV of CBT Azerbaijan fame, will be taking the reigns on the blog until I get back, keeping the wheels greased. He’ll supply you with your regular dose of Azerbaijani info, hopefully in a way that doesn’t upset the Peace Corps and Azerbaijani Government.

Enjoy the new voice on our blog!


Written by Aaron

August 8, 2011 at 8:10 am