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This Post Brought to You By the Letter D

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The Letter D is taking over Azerbaijan.  It’s starting in Baku, with a 4D theater, where you can get “the feeling and sense of fog, wind and rain,” and “vibrating chairs give the sensation of falling down stairs or running into cars.”  Great.  That’s exactly what I need.  Apparently the daily parade of car accidents wasn’t enough for Azerbaijanis.  Instead, they need to provide that exhilarating experience to those not fortunate enough to be swiped by one of the many crazy drivers here.  I get that feeling fairly often enough, thanks.  Money quote:

Longer-run films do not yet exist in the 4-D format, but one Baku cinema employee thinks that may be a good thing. “A show lasting more than 10-15 minutes could be harmful to people’s health,” cautioned the employee, who gave his name as Rashad.

But not only are they getting 4 Ds in Baku, we’re moving up here in Lənkəran, too!  It turns out they’ll be showing 3D movies in the Drama Theater here in the city.  Miri told me about it a few weeks ago, and the viewings should be coming up pretty soon.  I’m not sure what the selections will be, but it sounds like they’ll be jumping off the screen.


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April 6, 2010 at 5:25 am

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  1. […] up the stakes in terms of sort of ridiculous luxury.  They’ve already established their 3-D movies, their 4-D theater, and now we’re scaling up again.  There had been rumors about 5-D, but I […]

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