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A Wisconsin Congressman in Azerbaijan

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Well, in Baku, I suppose.  I’m fairly certain he’s not going to be getting out of Baku.  His name is Sean Duffy (R-WI) and he’s a congressman in the US House of Representatives (Yep, this Sean Duffy).  He’s a newbie, too.  And it looks like they stuck him on the Working Group on Azerbaijan of the US Congress.  A coveted seat I’m sure.  Here’s the latest scoop I could find on the Working Group on Azerbaijan’s visit to Azerbaijan:

Turan Information Agency reports that a group of US Congressmen is on a visit to Azerbaijan. The US embassy told the Turan IA that the US ​​the delegation includes the Congressmen Bill Shuster (R-Pen.), Chris Murphy(R-Con.), Sean Duffy (R-Wis.), Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.), Cedric Richmond (D-LA) and Jon Runyan (R-NJ).

The press secretary of the US embassy Kisa Bina reported that the delegation members would have meetings with several officials during which they were expected to discuss the prospects of US-Azerbaijani relations.

Turan IA reported that the delegation consists of the members of the Working Group of the US Congress on Azerbaijan. It was formed on March 9 and this is their first visit to Baku. A similar delegation of congressmen visited Baku in 2008. Turan IA referring to its sources in US reported that the US delegation consisted of people loyal to Ilham Aliyev’s government.

Apparently, Sean didn’t even look to check in on his Wisconsinite Peace Corps Volunteers serving in Azerbaijan (Yo, Sean!  Down here in Lənkəran!  It’d be great to see you!)  I’ll have to let him know we’re here, so that when he swings back through with the congressional Working Group on Azerbaijan, he’ll know we’re happy to meet up with him for tea and cücə plov.

It also looks like he’s part of a fairly conservative group of folks visiting here in Azerbaijan.  On top of that, I’m a little worried about that last line AzeriReport cites from Turan.  Repeat: Turan IA referring to its sources in US reported that the US delegation consisted of people loyal to Ilham Aliyev’s government.

Let’s hope that they aren’t loyal to Ilham Aliyev’s government.  That would be a terrible turn of events on many, many levels.  These are US Representatives, right?

Update, 4.30.2011: It looks like when a congressional delegation from the US visited China a few days ago, they met up with the Peace Corps Volunteers there.  No such interest in Azerbaijan, I suppose. Maybe next time.


Written by Aaron

April 27, 2011 at 6:08 pm

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  1. I think the comment is probably a very accurate statement.


    April 27, 2011 at 6:18 pm

  2. i would just like respectfully advise Congressman Duffy that the plov being offered here is no joke and well worth the trip south.

    Vladic Ravich

    April 27, 2011 at 8:49 pm

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