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Let’s Hope This Gas Line Construction Finishes Soon

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I’m hoping that the construction of a gas line in Lənkəran is going to wrap up quickly.  Right now, there is a stretch of road along the main drag, Heydər Prospekti, that is torn up on one side where they are putting in a new underground gas line.  The current gas line is just a rusted metal pipe that runs along the sidewalk.  I’m waiting for the day when a car accident breaks part of the pipe and causes a serious disaster.  The underground pipeline could be an improvement.

What’s somewhat disconcerting is the way they are putting this project together.  It first started by using an big blue tractor, looking about 30 years old, to dig up two lines down the road.  Then they dug up the road, creating piles of dirt and asphalt and started laying in the large rubberized pipeline.  This sounds fine up to this point.  Unfortunately, the rest of the project proceeds a bit curiously.  They finished about 500 meters of the project by laying in the pipeline and then just moving the dug-up rubble back into the hole.  This makes the road a little rough.  And they are making no attempt to smooth it out.  I’m hoping that at some point they decide to pave over it, otherwise there will just be huge holes in the road.  I guess that’s not too different from most roads around here.


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February 14, 2010 at 9:13 am

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